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Green Printing Solutions in Columbia, SC & Beyond

Columbia Printing & Graphics understands the importance of protecting our environment. While we live in an increasingly digital age, there is still no substitute for the printed page. According to Environmental Defense, one ton of virgin paper (paper taken straight from a tree) consumes three tons of wood, approximately 19,075 gallons of water and produces 2,278 pounds of solid waste.

To preserve the forests of our planet, Columbia Printing works with recycled paper, tree-free paper and other products that have little impact on our environment when appropriate – to offer you unique green printing services in Columbia, SC.

Environmentally Conscious Printing Services from Columbia Printing & Graphics

In addition to purchasing green printers, Columbia Printing & Graphics works with many products that help protect our environment, including:

  • Recycled Paper - According to The Environmental Paper Network each ton of paper created using recycled paper can save between 12 to 24 trees, when compared to virgin paper production. As the years have passed the quality of recycled paper has improved and the cost has gone down, making this a great alternative for your printing needs.
  • Soy or Vegetable Oil Based Inks - In addition to preventing the waste of precious petroleum oil found in traditional inks, it is also believed that more natural inks provides more accurate colors.
  • And More 

Call Columbia Printing to Learn How We Are Using Green Practices to Protect the Environment

To learn more about how we are taking steps to protect our planet from environmental waste, give us a call at  803-779-1299 or visit our contact page. We make a point to use green practices with all of our printing services, including wide format printing, offset and digital printing, commercial printing, scanning, high-speed black and white and more.

In addition to Columbia, SC, Columbia Printing & Graphics practices green printing with customers in West Columbia, Forest Acres, Lexington, Newberry, Lancaster, Clinton, Rock Hill and surrounding locations in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Can't Find the Printing Service You Need?

We will happily work with you to find a solution for the printing service you are looking for. With over 30 years in business, you can trust us to find the right solution for you.