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Columbia Printing & Graphics: Advertising & Integrated Direct Marketing Services

It is estimated that we are exposed to about 5,000 advertisements a day, which makes it difficult for potential advertisers to stand above the competition and really grab the attention of their audience. If you are a business owner in Columbia, SC or surrounding locations, count on Columbia Printing & Graphics to help you with advertising to your customers with your next integrated direct marketing campaign.

Using our printing and graphics services, Columbia Printing will help you make sure the message of your advertising campaign reaches your target audience directly and exactly when you want.

Direct Marketing Services in North Carolina & South Carolina

We will use the information you provide about your target audience, including age, income, location, profession, buying patterns and more in conjunction with our graphic design and mailing services, to help efficiently spread your advertising campaign.

After we have collected this information from you, we will print flyers, advertising circulars, catalogs or other materials directly aimed at your customers. If you provide us with the addresses of your audience, we will mail the advertisements.

Contact Columbia Printing for Targeted Advertising Services in Columbia, SC & Beyond

Columbia Printing & Graphics has the expertise needed to help you reach your target audience with a new advertising campaign.

Call us at  803-779-1299 or visit our contact page to learn more about how we can help you. In addition to integrated direct marketing, Columbia Printing offers a variety of other related services, including graphic design, mailing services and inventory fulfillment.

In addition to Columbia, SC, Columbia Printing & Graphics offers integrated direct marketing campaigns to customers in West Columbia, Forest Acres, Lexington, Newberry, Lancaster, Clinton, Rock Hill and surrounding locations in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Can't Find the Printing Service You Need?

We will happily work with you to find a solution for the printing service you are looking for. With over 30 years in business, you can trust us to find the right solution for you.